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"Abilities are the true display of your undead power! Abilities are vital for success in combat. New abilities are unlocked as you level up. You may learn as many abilities as you can afford - each costs a certain amount of blood. You may also unlearn an ability, but you will only get half the blood back you paid for that ability.

Abilities are divided into three types: Offensive abilities, Defensive Abilities, and Movement Abilities. Each of your clan members can equip one of EACH type of ability, and each instance of the ability can only be used by one member at a time. Abilities are automatically selected and equipped for your clan with each fight.

When attacking, you will automatically use your abilities with the highest attack stats. When defending from another user's attack, you will use your abilities with the highest defense traits.

Certain abilities require upkeep costs. These abilities display the amount of blood they require under their names. These amounts are added together for your Total Upkeep cost (displayed at the top of the page.) This amount will be taken from your reserves every hour. If you do not have enough blood on hand, it will deduct the amount from your blood bank.

Each of the basic abilities can be mastered to improve its stats. There are 3 levels of mastery: Better, Greater, and Superior. You can improve every ability once per day for a cost of blood, but you can improve an ability multiple times per day for favor points. You must own at least one of an ability to improve it. Each improvement has a blood cost, which moves the Ability Mastery meter a small percentage. Once the meter is full, all copies of that ability are Mastered.

Your Mastery level never goes away, even if you sell the ability. Mastered abilities have higher stats making them well worth the trouble, but they have a higher upkeep as well, so beware!"

Abilities are one of the backbones of Vampire Wars; they are required for most missions, are a major deciding factor in combat between players and very rare abilities are one of the few useful things to spend favour points on.

They are arranged into three categories.

These categories can be further broken down into normal abilities which can be purchased from the bazaar, rare abilities which can be acquired from missions, favour point abilities, also known as limited edition abilities, and discontinued abilities which can no longer be acquired.

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