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The Akem's World (event) was a multi-chapter Event similar to New York. It required the Mission Item Devil's Totem. You have 24 days to complete the chapters. If you master a chapter before the timer expires you can reset it for (10 or 15?) favor points and earn additional abilities. The event began on December 21st 2010 and ran until January 14th(?) 2011.

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Leaving for Akem's World

Sagaan's Plea:

Akem has lost a prized possession … something very close to his … err … heart. The thief is hiding somewhere in his domain. Hunt them down and bring the stolen object to Akem. But beware — your luck is about to be tested! -Sagaan

Players can travel through the portal to Akem's World and find Akem's stolen doll. Unlike other portals, no key is required to access Akem's World.

Devil's Totem

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See: Devil's Totem


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Akem's World Chapter1 Title.png
Delight in this house of decadence and immorality in Chapter 1: Casino Macabre!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Invisibility Cloak.

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Akem's World Chapter2 Title.png
They say pain turns them on! Teach them its true meaning in Chapter 2!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Summon Knife-Queen.

Akem's World Chapter3 Header.png
Akem's World Chapter3 Title.png
You never liked impersonators. And that wig .... Chapter 3!
Completing this chapter earns the ability King's Melody.

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Akem's World Chapter4 Title.png
The magician's illusions are clouding your mind. Snap out of it in Chapter 4!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Magician's Illusion.

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Akem's World Chapter5 Title.png
You have lost your way. Rush back to the casino in Chapter 5!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Stampede.

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Akem's World Chapter6 Title.png
Finally — Akem's prized possession! A doll? Your luck is about to run out in Chapter 6!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Bladed Cards.

Mastery of all chapters earns the ability Doll's Revenge.


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Several themes and architecture in Akem's World is reminiscent of the real-life city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Such themes include games of chance, live action theater, drive-through chapels, Elvis impersonators, and an overall theme of gambling. The "WELCOME" sign is very similiar to the landmark neon sign on the strip.

It is also referencing the gambling nature of Akem elsewhere in the game.