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Akem Manah

Akem Manah is one of the vampire Elders, also referred to as "the devil". It is unclear whether this is his true nature, or if it is just a nickname earned by his wicked powers, monsterous appearance, and his affinity for gambling (which is often portrayed as one of satan's fonder hobbies). He offers abilities to other vampires in a game called Akem's Gamble. He also rewards faithful players with treasure from the Crypt when they play for multiple days in a row.

Akem Manah

Limited Edition costume of Akem Manah

On 23/10/09 Akem Manah left a note complaining that someone had stolen articles of his clothing (and Mandy's, too). This would lead to the special event that would allow player to collect limited edition costume of Akem Manah and Mandy.

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Akem Manah is likely inspired from Aka Manah, the demon of "evil purpose and thoughts" in Zoroastrianism and ancient Persia.  Aka Manah was thought to be the physical personification of evil and is credited with being the demon who prevents individuals from performing moral actions. Aka Manah can be compared to the Christian Satan.

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