ID: 558
Type: Build Item

Anvil is a Mission Item needed to Build in the Sagaan's Altar, and is consumed on use. It can be found in the Base Game.

Anvil can be found in Random Drops in the Mission(s) Feast on a Human's Blood, Eliminate a Street Gang, Raid a Blood Bank, Attack a Vampiric Lair, Fight Government Agents in Foundry, Banish Summoned Demon, Travel Through the Moonlit Forest, Uncover the Spider Caverns, Eliminate the Spider Guards, Locate the Queen's Nest, Interrogate a Traitorous Minion, Receive the Shadow Council's Request, Meet with the Council's Emissary, The Shadow Council's Challenge, Heir to the Council, Summon the Shadow Council, Ascend to the Shadow Council, Retrieve the Long-lost Map, Travel to the Cave Mouth, Eviscerate the Gatekeeper, Dive into the Abyss, Call upon the Elders, Multiply your Abilities, Become the Reaper, Journey through dimensional rift, Investigate planeshifters, Fend off ambush by blighted planeshifters, Infiltrate Oelebeth's stronghold, Vanquish Oelebeth, Find the blightstone, Destroy blightstone, Seal the dimensional rift, and is found on Facebook. This Item was available March 10th 2011.

Mythology and Etymology

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