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The Artisans The Artisan Items are Avatar pieces which can be crafted through the Artisans. These are a unique feature because they can be earned instead of simply purchased with Blood or Favor Points. They were first introduced in May 2010. [1]

In order to Craft an Item the player must collect the required materials and ask the Artisans for help. Once started it takes no longer than 6 days for them to build; 12 hours quicker for each friend that helps upto a maximum of 5 friends per day. Only 1 Item may be crafted at a time, but materials can be requested all the time. Once an Item is built you gain a permanent stat bonus, and the ability to equip or unequip the Item without losing the boost.

Items can be equipped on the Avatar page; most are equipped in the Wings Slot, some are equipped in the Weapons Slot. There are currently 23 sets with 3 Styles per set.

Artisan sets

* Marked items are Weapons, the rest are Wings.

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