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Artisan twins

Greetings, visitor. We are the Artisans and can assist you with some handiwork. All we'll need from you are the ingredients and a bit of spare change and we will craft magical new items!


Artisans are craftsmen that can help create new items that offer stat boosts, but ingredients are needed.
These ingredients can be collected by gifting or received through the Ancient Vampiric Chest.

All ingredients can be brought by exchanging favor points with ingredients.

These ingredients are, but are not limited to, Red Devil Hide, Purple Devil Hide, Black Devil Hide, Phoenix Feather, Cardinal Feather, Peacock Feather, Gray Ingots, Blue Ingots, Silver Ingots, etc.

Artisans can craft Devil Wings, Feather Wings, Fae Wings, Scythes, Katanas, Icarus Wings, Spikes, Conduits, Tentacles, Shadows, Cyborgs, Auras, Dreamcatchers, Rays of Hell, Smoke, Eyes, Vampire Shields, Dragon Wings, Butterfly Wings, Engineered Tentacles, Egyptian Wings, Shurikens, and Explosions.

When Artisans have the number of ingredients needed for an item, the Artisans will need 7 days to craft an item. During this time, they cannot craft any other item. If a clan member helps the Artisans, then it will shorten the crafting time by 12 hours. The Artisans can be bribed with 10 Favor Points that will shorten the crafting time by 1 day.