• Jeydo

    Make a Blog! GET A COOKIE!!

    December 17, 2015 by Jeydo

    if you really like Vampire Wars, you'll do it - even if you don't like cookies!

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  • Jeydo

    It's gonna be awhile.. *sighs* 1 Were-sheep!

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  • Jeydo

    What was your favorite thing?

    December 6, 2015 by Jeydo

    About playing this game. How easy it was?! The retro feel of it?! I'd like to look back on it years from now. Maybe a Facebook ap will get a movie deal someday? Hahaha!

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  • XMissxNocturneX

    Please Bear With Me

    September 14, 2012 by XMissxNocturneX

    Ladies and Gentleman, please bear with me. I'm trying to get the wiki updated as quickly as possible. I am a full-time mother and have spent the last few week sick. I will continue to update the wiki as much as I can. If you would like to help, feel free to, but please have the correct information before doing so. You have no idea how time consuming it has been to have to fix everyone's updates simply because they posted wrong information. I would not mind the extra help, at all. In fact, it is very much welcome. But like I said, please have factual and correct information. Please do not try to update the wiki if you do not understand the layout and html. I have recently come across several ability pages that have been completely dest…

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  • Adam weiler

    Hello Vampire Wars fans and readers! I hate to break the news, but I have to stop editing this Wiki and providing you with all the information you crave. Why? A couple of reasons:

    1: I've been editing non-stop since April 2010 and it's time consuming. I feel I should be spending my time elsewhere.

    2: I'm preparing to go back to school in September, and there is a lot of preparation needed.

    3: Something has gone terribly wrong when you spend more time editing articles than actually playing the game.

    4: Work work work. Between my Volunteer work and summer job I don't have that much free time any more.

    5: Zynga is just creating stuff too fast. I know that's their modus operandi but it's felt very forced lately.

    I'm not quitting Vampire Wars, I'm st…

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  • Harleyman33

    I have found when Clan members send a gift they are al grouped together. This is a great way to save thie in returning gifts.

    The Issue

    I get up to 80-90 of the same gift sent to me. some times I am not allowed a return window and some times i am able to select the return button. When I select return the window with the names comes up and when i hit send i get an error code and can not go back and the people who sent the items are removed from the page.

    I have tried to use the Zunga site but you get no where. I have used the suggestion window as this is the only way i have found to report the issues.

    I have a lot of clan and they are not going to send any thing if i can not return gifts.Any solution? Who else can we report this to?

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  • LordRage

    Join my clan

    March 10, 2012 by LordRage

    If you want a clan member add me I will send gifts and vote as long as you return the favor!

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  • Adam weiler


    January 11, 2012 by Adam weiler

    I was trying to find something on Google and came up with this strange Amazon item:

    It looks like a 41-page book where each chapter has a different VW ability name. I think it's probably a scam of some kind, because I've never heard of Amazon selling anything related to Vampire Wars. Check out some of the other titles, there are thousands!

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  • CarmillaAphroditeBloodthirster

    Hi all.. Just thought it'd be great if there is a loot chance for the mission drops, especially for Stealth amd Aggression..

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  • CarmillaAphroditeBloodthirster

    Hi all.. I'm Raki, a regular VW player.. I think it'll be cool if someone can add the loot drop chances for VW missions.. :)

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  • Bryan Landry


    April 18, 2011 by Bryan Landry

    Not sure what this is. I'm posting something here. it is.

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  • Adam weiler

    I'm somewhat angered by this and thought I'd share. There is a discussion going on about this week's Elder Ability Inflict Gluttony. My post (see below) has been removed.

    Quoting fargloom: Did you notice that Inflict Gluttony is the 2nd "deadly sin" ability. Last week we had Kindle Lust.

    Adam wrote: Yea; the next 5 are deadly sins too. Some users have advanced copies (for some reason), and shared the stats. In no particular order:

    - Evoke Wrath - Offensive - A100 D56
    - Cause Sloth - Offensive - A98 D58
    - Promote Pride - Defensive - A58 D91
    - Breed Greed - Movement - A80 D53
    - Elicit Envy - Movement - A82 D53

    I still don't see anything wrong with my post, but it's been removed. Not only that, I lost 10 points (?) and they suspended my ac…

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  • Lezardblunt


    November 29, 2009 by Lezardblunt

    It's seems a nice game, but i cant find to download, somebody help me

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