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Butterfly wings set

The Butterfly wings Artisan Items became available on March 6th 2012. It can be crafted on the Artisans page using Green Petal, Gray Petal, and Blue Petal.

Butterfly wings set

ID Piece Attack Defense Energy Rage Cost
1647 Bejeweled Butterfly Wings +20 Icon Attack.png 20 Icon Energy.png 50 Icn Green Petal.png
1648 Dark Steel Butterfly Wings +20 Icon Defense.png 20 Icon Energy.png 50 Icn Grey Petal.png
1649 Flare Butterfly Wings 20 Icon Energy.png +10 Icon Rage.png 50 Icn Blue Petal.png
Set Bonus +10 Icon Attack.png +10 Icon Defense.png 20 Icon Energy.png
Total +30 Icon Attack.png +30 Icon Defense.png 80 Icon Energy.png +10 Icon Rage.png 50 Icn Green Petal.png,
50 Icn Grey Petal.png,
50 Icn Blue Petal.png

Mythology and Etymology

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Transform into a creature of beauty with these new Artisans. In-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar

Background Information

All of the promotional artwork used the name Butterfly Wings, but the Artisan's page used the name Butterfly wings (lowercase w).

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