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Dreamcatcher set

The Dreamcatcher Artisan Items became available on October 27th 2011. It can be crafted on the Artisans page using Fire beads, Psychedelic beads, and Death Beads.

Dreamcatcher set

ID Piece Attack Defense Energy Rage Cost
1276 Brimstone Dreamcatcher +20 Icon Attack.png 20 Icon Energy.png 50 Fire beads
1277 Psychedelic Dreamcatcher +20 Icon Defense.png 20 Icon Energy.png 50 Psychedelic beads
1278 Demonic Dreamcatcher 20 Icon Energy.png +10 Icon Rage.png 50 Death Beads
Set Bonus +10 Icon Attack.png +10 Icon Defense.png 20 Icon Energy.png
Total +30 Icon Attack.png +30 Icon Defense.png 80 Icon Energy.png +10 Icon Rage.png 50 Fire beads,
50 Psychedelic beads,
50 Death Beads

Mythology and Etymology

In Native American culture, a Dreamcatcher is hoop with a spiderweb-pattern of string that is decorated with beads and feathers. They believe this device will help catch bad dreams. Dreamcatcher is also the name of a recent Stephen King novel.


Make your enemies' dreams your sinister playground.

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