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Items epiccircleofwarding.jpg

Type: Defense
Attack Points: 50
Defence Points: 150

The Epic Circle of Warding ability was given during the Undead Legends Event. It was the fifth "Epic ability" up for grabs. All 12 pieces of both avatar costumes must have been collected in the alloted twenty-two days. The clothing consisted of hair, jacket (male), dress (female), shoes (male), heels (female), coat (female) jeans (male), shirt (male) and necklace (female). The clothes were that of Marilyn Monroe for the female avatars and James Dean for the male avatars.


To ward something is to defend against or repel it. The circle, in folklore and many different cultures is often linked with unity, wholesomeness, infinity, sacredness and the earth. It is often employed as a divine, protective barrier against spirits, demons or evil itself. The circle is also associated with golden and innately good objects such as; the Egyptian sun God, the alchemical symbol for gold, the Masonic representation of moral restraint and archangels in Kabbalah.