Favour Points are the most useful form of currency available. Blood can be acquired quickly in increasing amounts over time, but quickly becomes useless as the only thing to use blood for after purchasing all of the must-have Abilities is to purchase more Minions which are the main source of blood.

Favour Points are far harder to get with only a few means of acquiring them:

  • The most common and regular way to acquire them is by leveling up. There was an update to provide another means of gaining them, as this gives you one Favour Point per level.
  • Mastering Missions is another common way to acquire them as this can be done quickly at higher levels and gives another Point per Mission Mastered
  • Achieving Trophies is another quick way to acquire Favour Points as these can tie in to many of the things a normal player would do, from Mastering Missions to Leveling Up to getting a Curse.
  • Lastly,the fastest way to acquire favour points but most costly is through purchasing them directly. This is a battle of which is more important though: Your time or your money.