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Fend off ambush by shadow guard

Fend off ambush by shadow guard is the 4th mission in the Shadowgate tier of Old Blood Missions tab . Each attempt provides anywhere between Old Blood 320 - Old Blood 480 and 4 Experience Points. Each level of Mission Mastery earns x1 Dance With Shadows. Unlocked July 8th 2011.

Tier 1: 4 Icon Energy.png and 3 Hourglasses - 14%-15% Mastery
Tier 2: 4 Icon Energy.png and 4 Hourglasses - 11%-12% Mastery
Tier 3: 4 Icon Energy.png and 5 Hourglasses - 10% Mastery

Without any Desecrated Temple blessings the player requires 104 Icon Energy.png and 107 Hourglasses to master the mission to tier 3 mastery, earning 104 Experience Points and anywhere between Old Blood 8,320 - Old Blood 12,480.

The 6 actions available are Burn, Duck, Evade, Roll, Scorch, Outrun Shadows.


The legion of shadows swirls, shapeshifting. Fight the demons of the night with courage.