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Friendship Day Sale

The Friendship Day Sale was a 72-hour Sale that took place between Friday August 3rd 2012 and Sunday August 5th 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Abilities and Familiars sold for Favor Points.

Tribute Sale Abilities

One new Ability could be purchased only available during the sale.

Guild of Blood
  • Guild of Blood could be purchased for 75 Favor Points or 3 for 200 Favor Points.

Retired Familiars

Several retired sets of Familiars were made available again during the sale, giving players a second chance to get ones they might've missed the first time. Every six hours a new Set would appear, replacing the last Set.

Time Familiar Set Cost
3am - 9am Wyvern set 150 Favor Points
Day 1: 9am - 3 pm Harpy set 150 Favor Points
Day 1: 3pm - 9pm Hydra set 150 Favor Points
Day 1: 9pm - Day 2: 3am Raven set 150 Favor Points
Day 2: 3am - 9am Puma set 150 Favor Points
Day 2: 9am - 3pm Cobra set 150 Favor Points
Day 2: 3pm - 9pm Marionette set 150 Favor Points
Day 2: 9pm - Day 3: 3am Djinn set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 3am - 9am Giant Weta set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 9am - 3pm Black Cat set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 3pm - 9pm Dwarf Minotaurs set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 9pm - 3am Hellhounds set 150 Favor Points

Bundle Sale

Red Friday Bundle.png

Every few hours 1 new Bundle would appear, only a few bundles were available. Each Bundle appeared only once. There were no bundles available on the second day of the sale.

Set Abilities Time Set Cost
Burnt Blood Burn, Cast Flame Shield, Cloak of Fire, Command Fire Beast, Summon Fire Guardian Day 1: 3am - 8am 140 Favor Points
Astronomy Cloak of the Moon, Obscure Sun, Shroud Sun, Starwalker, Suneater Day 1: 8am - 3pm 125 Favor Points
BloodGroups Blood Burn, Blood Combustion, Blood Craft, Blood Freezing Gas, Extreme Bloodlust Day 3: 9am - 3pm 125 Favor Points
CastingCouch Cast Flame Shield, Cast Hallucinations, Cast Lightning, Cast Polymorph. Cast Time Warp Day 3: 3pm - 9pm 100 Favor Points
Unreleased Bat Cupid, Blood Craft, Fang Rip, Invisible Mail, Touch of Paralysis Day 3: 9pm - 3am 215 Favor Points

* All times in Eastern Timezone


Calling for the demons of darkness!! Celebrate the Friendship's Day by strengthening your bond with your clanmates. Get this Limited Edition Special Ability Guild of Blood and gift your clan to make the bloodpact stronger than ever!!

Celebrate the dark spirit of bonding with your clan! Create an eternal bloodpact with them by gifting the Guild of Blood!


On 27 April 2011 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared[5] 30 July as official International Friendship Day. However, some countries, including India,[6] celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August.

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International Friendship Day
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