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The Heroes ability set is limited edition Offensive, Defensive, and Movement Abilities earned through random drops in Akem's Gamble. It became available between November 3rd - November 22nd 2011 and is found on Facebook.

As with other Ability Sets a player can earn more than one ability except for the reward Alexander's Tactics. These abilities cannot be given as Gifts.

Ability Set

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense
Leonidas' Courage Leonidas' Courage.png Defensive 23 Icon Attack.png 139 Icon Defense.png
Camilla's Ferocity Camilla's Ferocity.png Offensive 112 Icon Attack.png 50 Icon Defense.png
Mulan's Stealth Mulan's Stealth.png Movement 81 Icon Attack.png 84 Icon Defense.png
Achilles' Invincibility Achilles' Invincibility.png Offensive 127 Icon Attack.png 42 Icon Defense.png
Alexander's Tactics Alexander's Tactics.png Movement 122 Icon Attack.png 127 Icon Defense.png

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