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Iceland Event

The Iceland (event) was a 18-chapter Event, similiar to Spain. It required the Mission Item Lavarock. The player has 60 days to complete all chapters. If you master a chapter before the timer expires you can reset it and earn additional abilities; 5 Favor Points for the first three chapters and 10 Favor Points for the last three chapters in each district. The event began on November 29th 2011 and ran until January 30th 2012.

Destroy the Rogue Vampires


We who belong to the Turned have always stood united, but there are those among us who seek to sully our name.

One such band of outcasts resides in Iceland. They call themselves the Fangs of Hell. Their wanton lust for blood has drawn human eyes to look upon us as monsters; they slaughter innocent vampires in vengeance. You must end this madness. Your journey begins in the little village of Kopavogur. -Sagaan

Players can travel through the portal to Iceland to eliminate the dangerous Draugar creatures of Norse legend. Unlike other Portal Events, no key is required to enter Iceland.



See: Lavarock



Flaming Riots
Kopavogur chapter1 title.jpg
You witness spires of smoke and flame rising into the clouds. The shouts of human and vampire voices fill the air. You wonder what wrongs have caused the land Dispel the gathering storm and restore the peace.
Unlocked November 29th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Silver Tongue.

Fangs of Hell
Kopavogur chapter2 title.jpg
The Fangs of Hell – the bloodthirsty gang dishonors your kind. You shall put an end to their reign of terror, and appease those of the village who seek vengeance. Your bike roars beneath you as you tail one of their number to their secret hideout.
Unlocked December 2nd 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Rogue Rider.

Renegade Slaughter
Kopavogur chapter3 title.jpg
The stench of ale and sweat permeate the air as you inhale deeply. The Fangs of Hell surround you, cocking their guns and spitting at your feet. You face them, armed and aware, ready to write their fates in their blood.
Unlocked December 6th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Righteous Slaughter.

The Hunted
Kopavogur chapter4 title.jpg
Unease spreads through you like ice in your veins. It mattered not that you annihilated the Fangs of Hell. The attacks on the village continue yet and the villagers turn against you, their erstwhile hero. Their fires rage as fierce as their thirst for vengeance.
Unlocked December 9th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Spider Morph.

The Revelation
Kopavogur chapter5 title.jpg
A survivor from the Fangs of Hell – you relish the prospect of dispatching him to the same end as his brethren. You falter as his words catch you unawares, and he throws you to the ground. The truth he speaks of is unfathomable. He leaves you in his wake, with nothing but questions.
Unlocked December 13th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Penetrating Clarity.

The Real Villain
Kopavogur chapter6 title.jpg
In vain have you slaughtered your kind. The true evil still watches over Iceland, its eyes red rimmed with bloodlust. The Draugar, the most ancient of those who walk after death. Possessive of superhuman strength, these shapeshifters and spellcasters of doom shall be your most formidable foe yet.
Unlocked December 16th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Reckless Valor.

Mastery of all Kopavogur chapters earns the Epic ability Thunderous Bloodstorm.


Reykjavik chapter1 title.jpg
Caught unawares by the Draugr Sire, you were no match for his power. In his prison, he leaves you to rot. But your will is stronger than the shackles and walls that hold you. It is the will of the Turned that will carry you to freedom.
Unlocked December 20th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Jailbreaker.

The Haze
Reykjavik chapter2 title.jpg
Spellcasters and masters of illusion, the Draugar built their prison inside a world where nothing is as it seems and where nameless dangers test your strength and sanity. You quell the fears that rise unbidden as you traverse the psychedelia of this strange land.
Unlocked December 24th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Animate Fears.

Reykjavik chapter3 title.jpg
The ancient Church of Hallgrimur is your portal to the city of Reykjavik, which holds the answers you seek. A leap of faith will set the course of your journey to find the Draugar lords. Fill your lungs and hold fast to your courage, for high rises the church steeple.
Unlocked December 28th 2011. Completing this chapter earns the ability Plunge of Courage.

The Iron Lake
Reykjavik chapter4 title.jpg
Lithe of foot, you bound from pole to pole across the murky waters of Tjornin Lake. The Iron Gargoyles snarl from their perches as you move ever closer. A smile curves your lips as you envision their broken forms, rusting at the bottom of the lake.
Unlocked January 1st 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Lithe of Foot.

Craters of Peril
Reykjavik chapter5 title.jpg
The air is thick and heavy. The barren, unforgiving land offers only peril to those who attempt to cross it. Sweat beads upon your forehead as the beast of Rauoholar lunges towards you, its acerbic breath hot on your skin. You hold your ground, cognizant that every beast has a weakness.
Unlocked January 4th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Command Rauoholar Beast.

Lose Your Illusions
Reykjavik chapter6 title.jpg
Cavernous chambers of volcanic rock and quartz form around you as a hard truth strikes: the city of Reykjavik existed only in your mind. The lake, the crater, even the church - all illusions cast by the Draugar upon you, their prisoner. But the clouds have cleared now, and a formidable foe awaits.
Unlocked January 6th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Dark Awakening.

Mastery of all Reykjavik chapters earns the Epic ability Rage of the Betrayed.


A New Prison
Hengill chapter1 title.jpg
Blood pounds in your veins as you watch the molten rock smolder and spit. The crater of Hengill – the lair of the deathwalkers. Newly free of their hold, you silence forever the guard in the tunnel. His last effort, feeble in the face of your thirst for vengeance.
Unlocked January 10th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Lava Deluge.

Tunnel of Flame
Hengill chapter2 title.jpg
A trail of corpses marks your path inside Hengill’s core. The undeserving find no mercy in you. A light flickers ahead and a beast of flame approaches; its eyes aglow with cruelty. You face it, feral and eager to relegate it to a mere number among your victims.
Unlocked January 13th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Command Rockslide.

The Invasion
Hengill chapter3 title.jpg
Noxious fumes curl around your feet as you steel yourself against the rocks. The sense of something underfoot threatens to overwhelm you as you discover a den of darkness – a chamber where deathwalkers stalk and scheme to annihilate all life forms.
Unlocked January 17th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Hell's Needles.

The Unseen Listener
Hengill chapter4 title.jpg
Silent as a shadow, you hear with trepidation the doom destined for the land. Iceland's volcanoes await the signal for imminent destruction. Assembled to erupt over the country in one fiery deluge, they lie in wait for the master's command.
Unlocked January 20th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Ear of the Cunning.

Hengill chapter5 title.jpg
Thrown by the force of the explosions, you brace yourself against the impact. Though bruised and burned, you feel the soothing balm of relief set in. With the volcanic trigger disarmed and the Draugar Lords destroyed, you race to escape the crumbling walls of Hengill.
Unlocked January 24th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Immobilius Maximus.

The Last of the Draugar
Hengill chapter6 title.jpg
You were mistaken. One Draugar Lord survived. Terrible as his wrath is, you match him, measure for measure. He has powers that you know not, but courage courses through you and you give no quarter. The crater of Hengill will have one last sacrifice.
Unlocked January 27th 2012. Completing this chapter earns the ability Cast Aside Illusions.

Mastery of all Hengill chapters earns the Epic ability Draugar Vanquisher.


See: Iceland (missions)

Ability Set

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense District
Silver Tongue Silver Tongue (event ability).png Movement 121 Icon Attack.png 122 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Rogue Rider Rogue Rider.png Movement 122 Icon Attack.png 120 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Righteous Slaughter Righteous Slaughter.png Offensive 192 Icon Attack.png 45 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Spider Morph Spider Morph.png Defensive 47 Icon Attack.png 195 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Penetrating Clarity Penetrating Clarity.png Defensive 43 Icon Attack.png 196 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Reckless Valor Reckless Valor.png Offensive 191 Icon Attack.png 50 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Thunderous Bloodstorm Thunderous Bloodstorm.png Offensive 264 Icon Attack.png 64 Icon Defense.png Kopavogur
Jailbreaker Jailbreaker.png Offensive 197 Icon Attack.png 40 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Animate Fears Animate Fears.png Defensive 46 Icon Attack.png 195 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Plunge of Courage Plunge of Courage.png Movement 121 Icon Attack.png 117 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Lithe of Foot Lithe of Foot.png Movement 119 Icon Attack.png 120 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Command Rauoholar Beast Command Rauoholar Beast.png Offensive 184 Icon Attack.png 57 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Dark Awakening Dark Awakening.png Defensive 50 Icon Attack.png 189 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Rage of the Betrayed Rage of the Betrayed.png Offensive 254 Icon Attack.png 72 Icon Defense.png Reykjavik
Lava Deluge Lava Deluge.png Offensive 190 Icon Attack.png 45 Icon Defense.png Hengill
Command Rockslide Command Rockslide.png Defensive 47 Icon Attack.png 193 Icon Defense.png Hengill
Hell's Needles Hell's Needles.png Offensive 195 Icon Attack.png 44 Icon Defense.png Hengill
Ear of the Cunning Ear of the Cunning.png Movement 120 Icon Attack.png 121 Icon Defense.png Hengill
Immobilius Maximus Immobilius Maximus.png Defensive 44 Icon Attack.png 191 Icon Defense.png Hengill
Cast Aside Illusions Cast Aside Illusions.png Defensive 187 Icon Attack.png 55 Icon Defense.png Hengill
Draugar Vanquisher Draugar Vanquisher.png Offensive 262 Icon Attack.png 65 Icon Defense.png Hengill

Collection Abilities

Draugar Inheritance.png

While completing Missions in Iceland there was a chance of finding pieces of the Kopavogur Collection in Kopavogur, Reykjavik Collection in Reykjavik, and Hengill Collection in Hengill. These could be traded for Draugar Inheritance, Impede Draugar, and Draugar Alliance.

Return to Iceland

After the event ended, Iceland reopened for 1 week to allow players to finish any incomplete missions. Lavarocks could be purchased with Favor points, but no longer requested from friends, bought from the Collector, or dropped in missions.

Mythology and Etymology

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