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Independence Day Sale

The Independence Day Sale was a 72-hour Sale that took place on Friday June 29th - Sunday July 1st 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Abilities, Familiars and Avatars sold for Favor Points.

Independence Day Sale Abilities

One new Ability could be purchased only available during the sale.

Wings of Freedom
  • Wings of Freedom could be purchased for 125 Favor Points each or for 300 Favor Points for 3.

Lightning Sale

Red Friday Lightning.png

Every 2 hours one new Elder Ability would be on sale for 25 Favor Points.
After 120 minutes a new Ability would appear, replacing the last one. Another section of the page gave hints on the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense, and were available in the Base Game.

Unknown Ability
Time Ability
Day 1: 3am - 5am Cast Lightning
Day 1: 5am - 7am Burst of Anarchy
Day 1: 7am - 9am Ghosts of Graveyard Mist
Day 1: 9am - 11am Godspeed
Day 1: 11am - 1pm Blood Combustion
Day 1: 1pm - 3pm Eternal Dawn
Day 1: 3pm - 5pm Water Whisperer
Day 1: 5pm - 7pm Thunderburst
Day 1: 7pm - 9pm Hypno-Freeze
Day 1: 9pm - 11pm Lightning Sky
Day 1: 11pm - 1am Energy Rip
Day 1: 1am - 3am Beast's Brutality
Day 2: 3am - 5am Deafening Serenade
Day 2: 5am - 7am Shinigami's Deathrush
Day 2: 7am - 9am Nordic Warrior Helmet
Day 2: 9am - 11am Hypersonic Cry
Day 2: 11am - 1pm Cigar of Death
Day 2: 1pm - 3pm Age Immunity
Day 2: 3pm - 5pm Conqueror's Gait
Day 2: 5pm - 7pm Warrior's Helm
Day 2: 7pm - 9pm Wanyudo's Stealing Soul
Day 2: 9pm - 11pm Cloak of Stone
Day 2: 11pm - 1am Wheels of Wrath
Day 2: 1am - 3am Summon Hellcat
Day 3: 3am - 5am Wrath of Horus
Day 3:5am - 7am Trojan Deception
Day 3: 7am - 9am Pulse Wall
Day 3: 9am - 11am ?
Day 3: 11am - 1pm Olympian Speed
Day 3: 1pm - 3pm Believer's Wrath
Day 3: 3pm - 5pm Windstalker
Day 3: 5pm - 7pm Scavenger's Secrets
Day 3: 7pm- 9pm Cupid's Poison
Day 3: 9pm - 11pm Desert Storm
Day 3: 11pm - 1am Hound of Death
Day 3: 1am - 3am The Killing Joke

Retired Familiars

Several retired sets of Familiars were made available again during the sale, giving players a second chance to get ones they might've missed the first time. Every six hours a new Set would appear, replacing the last Set.

Time Familiar Set Cost
Day 1: 3am - 9am Twisted Cupid set 150 Favor Points
Day 1: 9am - 3pm Hydra set 150 Favor Points
Day 1: 6pm - 12am Ravens set 150 Favor Points
Day 2: 3am - 9am Komodo Dragon Set 150 Favor Points
Day 2: 9am - 3pm Griffins set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 7am - 10am Cockatrice set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 10am - 4pm Sabertooth Tigers set 150 Favor Points
Day 3: 1am - 3am Jack O Lantern set 150 Favor Points

Avatar Sets

Every few hours a new Avatar set would be available.

Time Avatar Set
Day 1: 5am - 9am Samurai set
Day 1: 9am - 1pm Reaper set
Day 1: 6pm - 11pm Goth Oracle set
Day 2: 3am - 9am Viking set
Day 2: 9am - 3pm Carnival Mime set
Day 3: 7am - 10am Vampire Emperor set
Day 3: 10am - 4pm Gladiator set
Day 3: 1am - 3am Greek set

* All times in Eastern Timezone


July 4th is on its way and freedom is in the air. Vampires are the owner of their soul and no limits can define them. Emerge like a free soul and let no barrier hold you back from becoming the strongest Vampire in the dark world. Celebrate this freedom and grab these amazing Avatars, Familiars and Abilities and become infinitely powerful!!

Mythology and Etymology

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