Interrogate a Traitorous Minion is the 2nd mission unlocked in the Deathbringer tier of missions at level 56.

This mission requires 35 energy as well as 9 Telepathy and 12 Bone Spikes abilities. Also, this mission requires 1 Charon's Obol, 5 Pentagram Shards and 2 Werewolf Claws at Mastery levels 2 and 3.

On completion, it provides between 1,700,000 and 3,250,000 blood and 43 experience points. Completing the mission will sometimes provide a rare ability, Bloody Mess.

Each time the mission is completed, mission mastery increases by 10% for Mastery Level 1, 8% for Mastery Level 2, and 6% for Mastery Level 3.

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