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"SURPRISE! You've just entered Mandy's realm. It's her birthday this month and I wanted to offer her a gift. My gift to Mandy? It's you. Play nice, because in her realm it's her rules. And ruining her games, or worse - boring her, could end badly for you. Survive her party and I'll take you home. You could try to escape...but...that may mean facing Mandy herself. Are you ready?"

Completion of all 6 chapters to mastery level 3 gives you Mandy's Curse.

Chapter 1: The Midway

Mandyland Chapter 1.jpg

"Sagaan has left you stranded in The Midway of MandyLand. Collect Carnival Tickets to explore the park and fight off a host of evil clowns in Chapter 1!"

Completion of Chapter 1 to mastery level 3 gives you Control Clowns.

Chapter 2: Ferris Wheel

Mandyland Chapter 2.jpg

"Uh-oh! Some mischievous jugglers popped your tires! Find out what it's all about in Chapter 2 at The Ferris Wheel!"

Completion of Chapter 2 to mastery level 3 gives you Precision.

Chapter 3: Carousel

Mandyland Chapter 3.jpg

"Survive the crash of the runaway ferris wheel and then face off against Mandy's hottest henchmen: the Horse Lady. See it all in Chapter 3: The Carousel!"

Completion of Chapter 3 to mastery level 3 gives you Contortionist.

Chapter 4: The Big Top

Mandyland Chapter 4.jpg

"Defeat the Ringmaster and his animal hordes to learn the secrets of Lion Taming! Find your way to the Big Top in Chapter 4!"

Completion of Chapter 4 to mastery level 3 gives you Lion Tamer.

Chapter 5: House of Mirrors

Mandyland Chapter 5.jpg

"A mysterious note has lead you straight to the House of Mirrors! Can you find the mysterious figures hiding in the hall? Chase them down in Chapter 5!"

Completion of Chapter 5 to mastery level 3 gives you Doppelganger.

Chapter 6: Haunted House

Chapter 6.jpg

"While Mandy is so small, so darling, here in her lair, she's quite alarming!. Battle with Mandy and escape from Mandyland!"

Completion of Chapter 6 to mastery level 3 gives you Possess Doll.