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Mega Artisan Sale

The Mega Artisan Sale was a 48-hour Sale that took place between Saturday June 16th - Sunday June 17th 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Artisans sold at discount prices.

Mega Artisan Abilities

One new Ability could be purchased from the Elders only during the sale.

Epic Endurance
  • Epic Endurance could be purchased for 95 Favor Points between June 16th - June 17th 2012.

Artisan Sale

Red Friday Artisan.png

Every fours hours 1 new Artisan item would appear, replacing the previous Artisan item. Each Artisan item appeared only once and cost 60 Favor Points.

Artisan Item Time
Purple Fae Wings Day 1: 3am - 7am
Flame Scythe Day 1: 7am - 11am
Demon Icarus Wings Day 1: 11am - 3pm
Blue Fae Wings Day 1: 3pm - 7pm
Royal Katana Day 1: 7pm - 11pm
Blood Katana Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 3am
? Day 2: 3am - 7am
Blood Conduit Day 2: 7am - 11am
Golem Shadow Day 2: 11am - 3pm
Cyborg Rocket Launcher Day 2: 3pm - 7pm
Reaper Shadow Day 2: 7pm - 11pm
Death Aura Day 2: 11pm - 3am
  • All times in Eastern Standard Time

Back Story

Tired of waiting for the awesome Artisans? Grab them in an instant now! For 2 Days Only!