Vampire Wars Wiki

"What good vampire doesn't bend the weak to their will? Minions are an excellent source of blood. Their prices are usually pretty hefty, but they generate a set income every hour. The income each minion gives is displayed under their title. Your total income is listed at the top of the page. Also displayed is your current Blood Flow (current income minus upkeep) and a counter."

Minions are sold in allotments of 1, 5, and 10. When purchasing minions, be aware that the price of a particular minion is based on the current number of that minion you currently possess. When buying minions, it is far less expensive to buy in full lots of ten than to purchase one by one; each minion in a set of ten will cost the same, as opposed to being more expensive than the previous minion. Also, the ratio of cost to income is the same for every minion (except the Psychic Minion, College Fraternity, SWAT Team, and Law Firm). This remains true as the price goes up—the ratio of blood spent per unit of blood income generated is the same for 10 Bums as it is for 10 Bank Tellers, with the College Fraternity having a better ratio than the others, the SWAT Team having a lower than average ratio, and the Law Firm having the lowest.

Minions available in Vampire Wars
Level 1  • Bum  • Park Jogger  • Escaped Mental Patient
Level 5  • Cop
Level 9  • High School Football Team
Level 12  • Blood Bank Nurse
Level 15  • Paramedic
Level 17  • Diner Waitress
Level 19  • Group of Ninjas
Level 22  • Mime
Level 24  • Hacker
Level 28  • College Fraternity
Level 32  • Bank Teller
Level 35  • SWAT Strike Team
Level 40  • Law Firm
Crypt  • Psychic Minion
Feed Posting  • Vampire Petvillian  • Vampire Cow  • Zombie Chef  • Card Shark  • Mobster  • Cannibal Farmer  • Crazed Bear  • Burning Jack  • Vampire Monkey  • Frankenkitty
Event  • Sorority Girl