Vampire Wars Wiki

Vampires live and die by the blood they have. Missions are one of the primary ways to earn blood. Under the "Payout" section, each mission displays the amount of blood you will receive for completing it and the amount of Exp you will gain. The requirements for the mission are listed to the right of the payout. Each mission requires a certain amount of energy to complete, and certain missions require a certain number of clan members and certain abilities (in varying amounts.) If you meet all the requirements, click the "Do Mission" button to complete the mission and reap the rewards!

Earn additional experience and blood when you request help on a mission. The more clan that respond, the better the rewards. Make sure you hit the publish button to increase your chances of a bigger payout. You can send out 1 help request every 48 Hours, so choose wisely.

Missions are a vital part of Vampire Wars to earn blood, experience and rare abilities.

Missions consist of three Mastery levels. Upon the Mastery of each level a Skill Point is awarded.

As of September 2009, some missions require special items in order to complete. These are acquired by completing lower tier missions.

Also, some mission requirements have changed. See New Mission Requirements.

September 15, 2009 Balance Adjustments

  1. Change EXP payout of Fight a Sewer Wererat to 1 (down from 2).
  2. Change EXP payout of Exterminate A Rival Clan to 60 (down from 70).
  3. Change EXP payout of Ascend to the Shadow Council to 90 (down from 95)
  4. Change Energy required to perform Ascend to the Shadow Council to 62 (up from 58)
  5. Change EXP payout of Dispense with Lord Draven to 85 (down from 90)
  6. Change Energy required to perform Dispense with Lord Draven to 59 (down from 60)