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Mortal Combat

The Mortal Combat ability set is limited edition Offensive and Defensive Abilities earned through random drops in Akem's Gamble. It became available between May 10th - May 30th 2012 and is found on Facebook.

As with other Ability Sets a player can earn more than one ability except for the reward Sengoku Samurai Armor. These abilities cannot be given as Gifts.

Ability Set

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense
Death Metal Kabuto Death Metal Kabuto.png Defensive 87 Icon Attack.png 168 Icon Defense.png
The Geisha's Daisho The Geisha's Daisho.png Offensive 196 Icon Attack.png 66 Icon Defense.png
Ninja's Kamas Ninja's Kamas.png Offensive 204 Icon Attack.png 56 Icon Defense.png
Sohei's Naginata Sohei's Naginata.png Offensive 177 Icon Attack.png 81 Icon Defense.png
Sengoku Samurai Armor Sengoku Samurai Armor.png Defensive 66 Icon Attack.png 252 Icon Defense.png

Mythology and Etymology

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