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The vampires of the city are in distress – someone is transforming our food supply into rancid zombies. They face starvation, and have asked me to seek out a brave individual to aid them. Find and destroy the force behind this and you will be handsomely rewarded.

Your contact is Marcus. Meet him in the French Quarter for information and a possible lead.

A Skeleton Key (obtained from the portal and possibly requiring gaining new Clan) was needed to access the portal to New Orleans.

All New Orleans Missions required the mission item Voodoo Dolls.

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Chapter 1 title.png Sagaan has sent you to meet a man called Marcus who may be able to point you towards the source of these zombies. Collect Voodoo Dolls to explore the city!

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Chapter 2 title.png Marcus spoke of rumors of a Voodoo Queen living in the cemetery who may be able to aid you with information and powerful magic. Find the Queen in Chapter 2: The Graveyard!

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Chapter 3 title.png The Voodoo Queen sensed powerful magic emanating from the Louisiana swamps! With her help, you've created a hex capable of vanquishing this evil. Find and destroy the source in Chapter 3: The Bayou!

Return to New Orleans

Several weeks after the Event ended, the New Orleans portal reopened for a 48-hour period which allowed users with leftover Voodoo Dolls to finish any incomplete mission(s) in any tier. Users could also pay Favor points too.