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A Ruby Key (obtained from the portal) was needed to access the portal to New York.

All New York Missions required the mission item Blood of the Elders.

The Arrival

Arriving in New York, you remember Sagaan's words: "One of the most powerful Vampires in New York has gone soft and become sentimental. Now that their master has become so indifferent, his clan has become savage - they risk exposing our existence to the world of humans. Subdue this threat and you will earn my favor."

You charm and persuade your way through the Vampiric underworld and learn that your quarry, Cameron, and his "hive" reside beneath the ritzy Club Crave. You must learn his weakness, and begin to plan your next move.


You enter the club and stare in wonder — this is not a place for humans. There is movement in the dark corners; you sense those of your kind, feeding on the living. You spend several nights gaining the trust of Cameron's mutinous ranks.

You learn the cause of his new found weakness is not a what, but a who. A human female cursed by Cameron's spurned Vampire lover. You learn that if her name is spoken by a Vampire in her presence, she will die.

A traitorous former subordinate whispers: "Madison."


You've made your way through the catacombs below the club, leaving a trail of slaughtered guards in your wake. The scent of the human leads you to the lovers' nest. Cameron lunges toward you. His fangs at your neck, you manage to cough "Madison..."

A thud sounds behind Cameron as he releases you. He kneels by Madison's side, weeping. He watches you approach. Not even a flicker of interest passes over his tear-stained eyes as you thrust your claws into his heart.

Cameron is defeated, Saagan's task is complete. You have earned the favor of your Elders and are now the most powerful Vampire in New York City.

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