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One Day Sale

The One Day Sale was a 24-hour Sale Event that took place on March 14th 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Elder Abilities sold in bulk for Favor Points. Other purchasables include the retired Phoenix set familiars at a discount price.

Bundle Abilities Sale

These Abilities could be purchased individually or in a set of three. The Abilities stayed the same during the entire sale. These were only available on the MySpace platform.

Set Abilities Cost Set Cost
Row 1 Possess Body, Speed Kill, Unholy Incantation 35 Favor Points each 75 Favor Points
Row 2 Blood Bath, Telekinetic Strangulation, Necromancy 35 Favor Points each 75 Favor Points
Row 3 Amplify Pain, Control Spider Swarm, Shadow Warrior 35 Favor Points each 75 Favor Points

Bundle Sale

Red Friday Bundle.png

Every eight hours 1 new Bundle would appear, replacing the previous Bundle. Each Bundle appeared only once and cost 110 Favor Points and were only available in the Base Game.

Set Abilities Time
Nature's Wrath Cloud the Sun, Command Hailstorm, Command Water Spirits, Thunderburst Day 1: 3am - 11am
Animal Instinct Beast's Brutality, Command Fire Beast, Gargoyle Flight, Summon Hellcat Day 1: 11am - 7pm
Fires of War Cast Flame Shield, Cloak of Fire, Fiery Touch, Flametongue Day 1: 7pm - Day 2: 3am

* All times in Eastern Timezone

Retired Familiars

The Phoenix familiars were available for 24 hours for a discounted price of 150 Favor Points.

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The Elders see fit to reward your dedication to the brotherhood of the Turned. Buy bundles of discounted abilities before they're gone!

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