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Possess the giant horde and destroy the valley

Possess the giant horde and destroy the valley is the 3rd mission in the Greenhaven tier of Old Blood Quest tab. Each attempt provides anywhere between Old Blood 338 - Old Blood 506 and 5 Experience Points. Each level of Mission Mastery earns x1 Possess Giant Horde. On random drops the player may find  Spikes. Unlocked September 24th 2011.

Tier 1: 4 Icon Energy.png and 3 Hourglasses - 11%-12% Mastery
Tier 2: 4 Icon Energy.png and 3 Hourglasses - 10% Mastery
Tier 3: 4 Icon Energy.png and 4 Hourglasses - 7%-8% Mastery

Without any Desecrated Temple blessings the player requires 128 Icon Energy.png and 109 Hourglasses to master the mission to tier 3 mastery, earning 160 Experience Points and anywhere between Old Blood 10,816 - Old Blood 16,192.

The 6 actions available are Chant Incantation, Command, Incense Horde, Possess Mind, Rally Support, Possess Giants.


The temple of the Oracle is a secret haven; you will require more than words to convince the scholars to divulge its location.