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The Red Friday Sale (August) was a 24-hour event on Friday August 27th 2010. The majority of the sale revolved around Limited Edition, Event, and retired Gift Abilities, sold at discount prices for Favor Points. There were also 2 new Abilities on sale, 3 new Wolf Familiars, and a new Russia Avatar set, all of which were only available during the sale.

Red Friday Abilities

Two new Abilities were available only during the sale.

  • Call of the Wild could be purchased from The Elders for 55 FP.
  • Control Bat Colony appeared in one of the "Bundle Sale" sets which were available for 100 FP. (see below for details) This ability returned the following week as an Elder ability.

One Day Only Ability Sale

These Abilities were available all day, purchased individually or in a set of 3.

Time Ability Cost Set Cost
All day Boil Blood 30 FP 75 FP
Blood Manipulation 30 FP
Blood Soaked Vengeance 30 FP
Doppelganger 30 FP 75 FP
Dracul's Rage 30 FP
Project Daylight 30 FP

Bundle Sale

Every eight hours, 2 new Bundles would be on sale, replacing the previous 2 Bundles.

Name Time Abilities Cost
Offensive Bundle 12am - 8am Blood Manipulation, Malevolent Fury, Necrotize, Sense Life, Venomous Bite 100 FP
Defensive Bundle Amplify Fear, Gaslight, Resist Fire, Serendipity, Technomancy 100 FP
Movement Bundle 8am - 4pm Black Cat Form, Control Spider Swarm, Create Chaos, Hail Hades' Chariot, Superhuman Tracking 100 FP
Red Friday Bundle 4 Charm, Persuasion, Psychotic Bloodlust, Sense Aura, Summon Succubus 100 FP
Red Friday Bundle 5 4pm - 12am Charisma, Fatal Lullaby, Persuasion, Phoenix's Flame, Siren's Call 100 FP
Red Friday Bundle 6 Control Bat Colony, Gaslight, Hail Hades' Chariot, Venomous Bite, Zombify 100 FP

Lightning Sale

Every hour 1 new LE or Event Ability would be on sale for 60 minutes, replacing the last Ability. There was also clues for the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense.

Unknown Ability.

Time Ability Cost
12am - 1am ? ?
1am - 2am ? ?
2am - 3am ? ?
3am - 4am ? ?
4am - 5am Zombify 25 FP
5am - 6am Circle of Warding ?
6am - 7am Black Cat Form ?
7am - 8am Fatal Lullaby ?
8am - 9am Paralysis 25 FP
9am - 10am Maggot Infestation 20 FP
10am - 11am Charm 25 FP
11am - 12pm Sense Aura 25 FP
12pm - 1pm Amplify Pain 25 FP
1pm - 2pm ? ?
2pm - 3pm Rain of Blood 25 FP
3pm - 4pm Eye of the Tiger 25 FP
4pm - 5pm Malevolent Fury 25 FP
5pm - 6pm Hypnosis 25 FP
6pm - 7pm Organ Relocation 25 FP
7pm - 8pm Persuasion 25 FP
8pm - 9pm Boil Blood 25 FP
9pm - 10pm Hail Hades' Chariot 25 FP
10pm - 11pm Drain Life Essence 20 FP
11pm - 12am Technomancy 15 FP
  • All times in Pacific Timezone

Wolf Familiars

See: Familiars

Russia Set

See: Avatar

Other Events

Although the Death God and Russia Events ended on the same day, they were not part of the Red Friday Sale.


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