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Santa's Little Helper

The Santa's Little Helper was a Gifting Event similiar to Get the Power of the Ancient. It required the Mission Items Santa's Sleigh, Church Bell, and Mistletoe. You have 14 days to complete the ability set. The event began on December 20th 2011 and run until January 3rd 2012.

Collecting the Merry Trinkets

Dreamcatcher (event)

(T)he season to be jolly takes a sinister turn. Master the twisted traditions and Santa's Evil Helper will be yours to command.

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Santa's Sleigh, Church Bell, and Mistletoe

Ability Set

Each ability had 3 levels of mastery and by mastering all abilities earns the ability Santa's Evil Helper.

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense Cost
Polar Rage Level 1 Polar Rage.png Movement 66 Icon Attack.png 65 Icon Defense.png 5 Santa's Sleigh
Polar Rage Level 2 Polar Rage.png Movement 73 Icon Attack.png 71 Icon Defense.png 10 Santa's Sleigh
Polar Rage Level 3 Polar Rage.png Movement 84 Icon Attack.png 84 Icon Defense.png 15 Santa's Sleigh
Peals of Doom Level 1 Peals of Doom.png Defensive 36 Icon Attack.png 96 Icon Defense.png 5 Church Bell
Peals of Doom Level 2 Peals of Doom.png Defensive 60 Icon Attack.png 86 Icon Defense.png 10 Church Bell
Peals of Doom Level 3 Peals of Doom.png Defensive 64 Icon Attack.png 104 Icon Defense.png 15 Church Bell
Kiss of Death Level 1 Kiss of Death.png Offensive 85 Icon Attack.png 48 Icon Defense.png 5 Mistletoe
Kiss of Death Level 2 Kiss of Death.png Offensive 94 Icon Attack.png 52 Icon Defense.png 10 Mistletoe
Kiss of Death Level 3 Kiss of Death.png Offensive 109 Icon Attack.png 59 Icon Defense.png 15 Mistletoe
Santa's Evil Helper Santa's Evil Helper.png Defensive 90 Icon Attack.png 223 Icon Defense.png 30 Santa's Sleigh,

30 Church Bell,
30 Mistletoe

See: Polar Rage, Peals of Doom, Kiss of Death, and Santa's Evil Helper

Mythology and Etymology

The Simpsons' pet greyhound which they adopted on Christmas Eve is named Santa's Little Helper.

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Santa's Little Helper
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