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Slay the Beast of Souls guarding the Echo Stone

Slay the Beast of Souls guarding the Echo Stone is the 5th mission in the Echoflame tier of Old Blood Quest tab. This mission requires x2 Echo Rider to attempt. Each attempt provides anywhere between Old Blood 766 - Old Blood 1,148 and 5 Experience Points. Each level of Mission Mastery earns x1 Command Beast of Souls. On random drops the player may find  Spikes. Unlocked September 24th 2011.

Tier 1: 10 Icon Energy.png and 5 Hourglasses - 14%-15% Mastery
Tier 2: 10 Icon Energy.png and 5 Hourglasses - 11%-12% Mastery
Tier 3: 10 Icon Energy.png and 6 Hourglasses - 10% Mastery

Without any Desecrated Temple blessings the player requires 260 Icon Energy.png and 140 Hourglasses to master the mission to tier 3 mastery, earning 130 Experience Points and anywhere between Old Blood 19,916 - Old Blood 29,848.

The 6 actions available are Dodge, Dismember, Find Weak Spot, Impale, Scorch, Slay Beast.


You cross fates with a most ancient being. The Beast of Souls is magnificent in his fury. Stand your ground; give no quarter.