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Snake Piper (event)

The Snake Piper (event) was a Gifting Event similiar to Get the Power of the Ancient. It required the Mission Items Clover, Leprecaun's Hat, and Pot of Gold. You have 20 days to complete the ability set. The event ran from March 13th - April 2nd 2012.

The Irish Flautist

Snake Piper (ability)

Study the ways of the ancient Celts and you shall possess the power of the Snake Piper.

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Clover, Leprechaun Hat, and Pot of Gold

Ability Set

Each ability had 3 levels of mastery and by mastering all abilities earns the Snake Piper (ability).

Ability Icon Type Attack Defense Cost
Clover of Mystique level 1 Clover of Mystique.png Movement 65 Icon Attack.png 66 Icon Defense.png Icn Clover.png
Clover of Mystique level 2 Clover of Mystique.png Movement 73 Icon Attack.png 71 Icon Defense.png 10 Icn Clover.png
Clover of Mystique level 3 Clover of Mystique.png Movement 82 Icon Attack.png 84 Icon Defense.png 15 Icn Clover.png
Leprechaun Scourge level 1 Leprechaun Scourge.png Defensive 36 Icon Attack.png 96 Icon Defense.png Icn Leprechaun Hat.png
Leprechaun Scourge level 2 Leprechaun Scourge.png Defensive 60 Icon Attack.png 86 Icon Defense.png 10 Icn Leprechaun Hat.png
Leprechaun Scourge level 3 Leprechaun Scourge.png Defensive 64 Icon Attack.png 104 Icon Defense.png 15 Icn Leprechaun Hat.png
Gilded Rain level 1 Gilded Rain.png Offensive 83 Icon Attack.png 51 Icon Defense.png Icn Pot of Gold.png
Gilded Rain level 2 Gilded Rain.png Offensive 96 Icon Attack.png 49 Icon Defense.png 10 Icn Pot of Gold.png
Gilded Rain level 3 Gilded Rain.png Offensive 115 Icon Attack.png 55 Icon Defense.png 15 Icn Pot of Gold.png
Snake Piper (ability) Snake Piper (ability).png Offensive 225 Icon Attack.png 87 Icon Defense.png 30 Icn Clover.png,

30 Icn Leprechaun Hat.png,
30 Icn Pot of Gold.png

See: Clover of Mystique, Leprechaun Scourge, Gilded Rain, and Snake Piper (ability)

Mythology and Etymology

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