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The St. Patrick's Day Sale was a 48-hour event stretching between Wednesday March 16th and Friday March 18th 2010. The majority of the sale revolved around Limited Edition, Event, retired Gift, Akem's Gamble, Ancient's Workshop, Mission, and previous Sales Abilities sold at discount prices for Favor Points. There were also 4 new Abilities on sale, 3 new Leprechaun Familiars, all of which were only available during the sale, and a new St Patricks Day Avatar set.

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Red Friday Abilities

Leprechaun's Curse

Four new Abilities were available only during the sale. They could be purchased from The Elders for an astonishing cost of 95 FP.

Two Day Only Ability Sale

Two Days Ability Sale.png

These Abilities were available all day, purchased individually or in a set of 3. (These sets may have changed after the first day.)

Set Ability Cost Set Cost
Row 1 Exsanguinate 35 FP 70 FP
Mummification 35 FP
Phoenix's Flame 35 FP
Row 2 Resist Fire 35 FP 70 FP
Veil of Darkness 35 FP
Possess Body 35 FP
Row 3 Zombify 35 FP 70 FP
Charisma 35 FP
Venomous Bite 35 FP

Bundle Sale

Red Friday Bundle.png

Every four(?) hours, 2 new Bundles would be on sale, replacing the previous 2 Bundles. Several of the Bundles appeared more than once.

Set Abilities Time Set Cost
Carnal Ways Fatal Lullaby, Grave Touch, Insatiable Thirst, Kindle Lust, Seduction 3am-7am on 16th, 7pm-11pm on 17th 100 FP
Animal Instincts Animal Senses, Barghest's Cunning, Black Cat Form, Lion Tamer, Strigoi's Thirst 3am-7am on 16th, 11pm-3am on 17-18th 100 FP
Creature Feature Breed Dhampirs, Demon Wings, Eye of the Tiger, Serpent Skin, Venomous Bite 7am-11am on 16th, 11am-3pm on 17th 100 FP
Gorefest Bile Spew, Bloody Mess, Organ Relocation, Rot Flesh, Vivisection 7am-11am on 16th, 3pm-7pm on 17th 100 FP
Five Deadly Sins Breed Greed, Cause Sloth, Elicit Envy, Inflict Gluttony, Promote Pride 3pm-7pm on 16th, 7pm-11pm on 17th 100 FP
Showmanship Combustion, Psycho-Telekinetic Rage, Regeneration, Technomancy, Teleportation 3pm-7pm on 16th, 11pm-3am on 17-18th 100 FP
Dark Arts Circle of Warding, Cross Holy Ground, Impious Utterance, Necromancy, Unholy Incantation 7pm-11pm on 16th 100 FP
Arcane Powers Cause Sleepwalk, Inflict Blindness, Liquify, Love of Garlic, Wail of the Banshee 7pm-11pm on 16th, 7am-11am on 17th 120 FP
Ringmaster Locust Swarm, Raven Spy, Summon Horseman, Summon Succubus, Summon Yeti 11pm-3am on 16-17th 175 FP
Dark Vengeance Dracul's Rage, Evoke Wrath, Ironic Annihilation, Malevolent Fury, Psychotic Bloodlust 11pm-3am on 16-17th, 11am-3pm on 17th 100 FP
Movement Bundle Black Cat Form, Control Spider Swarm, Create Chaos, Hail Hades' Chariot, Superhuman Tracking 3am-7am on 17th ? FP
Defensive Bundle Amplify Fear?, Gaslight, Resist Fire, Serendipity, Technomancy 3am-7am on 17th ? FP
The Afterlife Drain Life Essence, Immaterial, Necrotize, Soul Annihilation, Zombify 7am-11am on 17th ? FP
Mind Games Cloak Mind, Create Chaos, Hypnosis, Inflict Nightmares, Psycho-Telekinetic Rage 3pm-7pm on 17th ? FP

Lightning Sale

Red Friday Lightning.png

Every two hours 1 new LE or Event Ability would be on sale for 120 minutes, replacing the last Ability. There was also clues for the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense.

Unknown Ability
Time Ability Cost
3am-5am on 16th ? ? FP
5am-7am on 16th Cause Sloth ? FP
7am-9am on 16th Empathy ? FP
9am-11am on 16th Animate Objects ? FP
11am-1pm on 16th Inflict Gluttony? ? FP
1pm-3pm on 16th ? ? FP
3pm-5pm on 16th ? ? FP
5pm-7pm on 16th Amplify Fear ? FP
7pm-9pm on 16th Boil Blood ? FP
9pm-11pm on 16th Carmilla's Allure ? FP
11pm-1am on 16-17th Obscure Sun ? FP
1am-3am on 17th Hades' Smoke ? FP
3am-5am on 17th Control Spider Swarm ? FP
5am-7am on 17th Tempest ? FP
7am-9am on 17th Superhuman Tracking ? FP
9am-11am on 17th Persuasion ? FP
11am-1pm on 17th Dracul's Rage ? FP
1pm-3pm on 17th Control Spider Swarm 25 FP
3pm-5pm on 17th Glacial Freeze 25 FP
5pm-7pm on 17th Vivisection 25 FP
7pm-9pm on 17th Scarab Swarm ? FP
9pm-11pm on 17th Vermin Plague ? FP
11pm-1am on 17-18th Wake of Vultures ? FP
1am-3am on 18th Breed Dhampirs ? FP

* All times in Eastern Timezone

Leprechaun Familiars

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St Patricks Day Avatar Set

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Other Events

  • The Bombay Event reopened for the 48-hour sale.
  • The Shamrock Mission Item became available on the 18th, leading into the Dublin Event.


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