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St. Patrick's Weekend Sale

The St. Patrick's Weekend Sale was a 48-hour Sale that took place between March 17th - March 18th 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Elder and Ancient's Workshop Abilities sold at discount prices or in bulk for Favor Points. Other purchasables include 6 new Elder Abilities and 3 new Paddy's set Familiars available only during the sale, and the new Dubliner set Avatar.

St. Patrick's Weekend Abilities

Six new Abilities could be purchased only available during the sale; three could be purchased from The Elders, and three could randomly be earned by purchasing Crates.

Leprechaun's Greed

Two Day Only Ability Sale

These Abilities could be purchased individually or in a set of three. The Abilities stayed the same during the entire sale.

Set Abilities Cost Set Cost
Row 1 Raise Puppet Army, Leprechaun's Curse, Telekinetic Strangulation 95 Favor Points each 245 Favor Points
Row 2 Control Spider Swarm, Cast Time Warp, Petrify 35 Favor Points each 75 Favor Points
Row 3 Amplify Pain, Claws of Chaos, Cross Holy Ground 35 Favor Points each 75 Favor Points

Bundle Sale

Red Friday Bundle.png

Every fours hours 1 new Bundle would appear, replacing the previous Bundle. Each Bundle appeared only once and were only available in the Base Game.

Set Abilities Time Cost
Commander's Cache Command Djinn, Command Fire spirits, Command Ravens, Command Water Spirits, Conquer Time Day 1: 3am - 7am 140 Favor Points
Shadow Stalker Control Lightning, Dark Steed, Obscure Sun, Obsidian Blood, Swirling Shadow Day 1: 7am - 11am 140 Favor Points
Summoning Darkness Summon Black Chariot, Summon Black Widow, Summon Golems, Summon Mist, Summon Smoke Cloud Day 1: 11am - 3pm 110 Favor Points
Stealth Skills Phantom Stealth, Phasing, Serpent Skin, Shadow Warrior, Skin Morph Day 1: 3pm - 7pm 110 Favor Points
Night's Lust Ambush of Allure, Carmilla's Allure, Hypnosis, Siren's Call, Summon Succubus Day 1: 7pm - 11pm 110 Favor Points
Mental Anarchy Claws of Chaos, Evisceration, Lightning Leap, Telekinetic Blood Rip Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 3am 110 Favor Points
Game of Rot Necromancy, Necrotize, Obscure Sun, Paralysis, Possess Body Day 2: 3am - 7am 110 Favor Points
Dangerous Moves Black Cat Form, Cause Sleepwalk, Control Bat Colony, Wake of Vultures, Wall Crawling Day 2: 7am - 11am 110 Favor Points
Cold Calling Break Reality, Cloud Form, Drain Life Essence, Icy Wind, Persuasion Day 2: 11am - 3pm 110 Favor Points
Shadow Games Cloak Mind, Crippling Touch, Dark Ascension, Hypno-Freeze, Timebreaker Day 2: 3pm - 7pm 110 Favor Points
Call to War Arcane Flail, Blades of Bone, Blood Bath, Feral Form, Helm Of Blood Day 2: 7pm - 11pm 110 Favor Points
Stunted Souls Soul Annihilation, Soul Invasion, Soul Rot, Spirit Form, Split Soul Day 2: 11pm - Day 3: 3am 110 Favor Points

Lightning Sale

Red Friday Lightning.png

Every hour one new Elder Ability would be on sale for 25 Favor Points. After 60 minutes a new Ability would appear, replacing the last one. Another section of the page gave hints on the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense, and were available in the Base Game.

Unknown Ability
Time Ability
Day 1: 3am - 4am Claws of Ice
Day 1: 4am - 5am Swordsman's Grace
Day 1: 5am - 6am Demon's Taint
Day 1: 6am - 7am Command Fire Beast
Day 1: 7am - 8am Cloud Form
Day 1: 8am - 9am Dust of Deception
Day 1: 9am - 10am Break Reality
Day 1: 10am - 11am Eternal Dawn
Day 1: 11am - 12pm Command Hailstorm
Day 1: 12pm - 1pm Windstalker
Day 1: 1pm - 2pm Spectral Descent
Day 1: 2pm - 3pm Motion Distortion
Day 1: 3pm - 4pm Snake Charmer
Day 1: 4pm - 5pm Dark Ascension
Day 1: 5pm - 6pm Thunderburst
Day 1: 6pm - 7pm Starwalker
Day 1: 7pm - 8pm Hypno-Freeze
Day 1: 8pm - 9pm Timebreaker
Day 1: 9pm - 10pm Unbreakable Wall
Day 1: 10pm - 11pm Blood Burn
Day 1: 11pm - Day 2: 12am Warmonger
Day 2: 12am - 1am Flametongue
Day 2: 1am - 2am Gargoyle Flight
Day 2: 2am - 3am Super Human Strike
Day 2: 3am - 4am Paralysis
Day 2: 4am - 5am Cloak of Fire
Day 2: 5am - 6am Tiger Stalk
Day 2: 6am - 7am Sinister Stare
Day 2: 7am - 8am Beast's Brutality
Day 2: 8am - 9am Suneater
Day 2: 9am - 10am Compelled Self Strangulation
Day 2: 10am - 11am Command Stampede
Day 2: 11am - 12pm Cast Lightning
Day 2: 12pm - 1pm Summon Hellcat
Day 2: 1pm - 2pm Eye of Cyclops
Day 2: 2pm - 3pm Age Immunity
Day 2: 3pm - 4pm Animate Tree Demons
Day 2: 4pm - 5pm Cloak of Stone
Day 2: 5pm - 6pm Crippling Touch
Day 2: 6pm - 7pm Cast Flame Shield
Day 2: 7pm - 8pm Spontaneous Dismemberment
Day 2: 8pm - 9pm Raise Demon Storm
Day 2: 9pm - 10pm Guard Mind
Day 2: 10pm - 11pm Scarecrow's Union
Day 2: 11pm - Day 3: 12am Blood Freezing Gas
Day 3: 12am - 1am Believer's Wrath
Day 3: 1am - 2am Hunter's Might
Day 3: 2am - 3am Furies' Blaze

* All times in Eastern Timezone

Paddy's Familiars

Paddy's promobox

The Paddy's Familiars could be bought for the price of 60 Favor Points, 80 Favor Points, 100 Favor Points, or in a set for the same cost of 240 Favor Points. *

See also: Paddy's set

Dubliner Avatar

Dubliner promobox

The Dubliner Avatars were introduced during the sale; the  Female for 65 Favor Points, and the  Male for 75 Favor Points. They can still be purchased after the sale. (?)

See also: Dubliner set


Paddy's Glitch

* The promo that advertised the Paddy's set stated that the original cost was 180 Favor Points and that the discounted cost was 240 Favor Points. This was simply an advertising glitch. As if you purchased each familiar separately from the Avatar Shop, the cost was 60 Favor Points, 80 Favor Points, and 100 Favor Points respectively. Which equals out to a cost of 240 Favor Points to purchase all of the familiars. This is similar to the original cost of the Basilisk set.

Mythology and Etymology

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Bring out your green blood! Get yourself these exclusive new Avatars, Familiars and Abilities.

Calling all Vampires! Are you ready make your foes go GREEN with envy? Here’s your chance to arm yourself against your enemies, by grabbing exclusive new abilities, avatars and familiars at the St. Patrick's Weekend Sale! Hurry, you don't want to miss out on this one!

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