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The Stars 'n' Stripes (event) was a Gifting Event similar to Get the Power of the Ancient. It required the Mission Items Bald Eagle, American Flag, and Statue of Liberty. You have 11 days to complete the set and earn the Epic Ability. The event began on July 1st 2011 and ran until July 12th(?) 2011.

The American Spirit

The might of the American people is majestic to behold. Master their symbols of power that you may partake of the Fourth of July Spirit.

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Bald Eagle, American Flag, Statue of Liberty


Each ability had 3 levels of mastery. Mastery of all abilities earns the ability Spirit of Liberty.

See: Summon Eagles, Star Spangled Soul, Flame Of Freedom


The Stars N' Stripes event is based on the 4th of July holiday which is Inependence Day for the United States of America.


Stars and Stripes
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