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The Tokyo (event) was a multi-chapter Event similar to New York. It required the Mission Item Yen Coin. You have 24 days to complete the chapters. If you master a chapter before the timer expires you can reset it for (10 or 15?) favor points and earn additional abilities. The event began on November 2nd 2010 and ran until November 26th(?).

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Leaving for Tokyo

Sagaan's Plea:
"I need your help!

A great friend of mine, a powerful vampire and skilled businessman, has recently gone missing. It's rumored his daughter, Kyoko, has plans to kill him to take over the family business and fortune. You must go to Tokyo and find him before she does.

Find my friend, Nukekubi, and assure his safety from Kyoko. Be careful, Kyoko has dangerous connections. Hurry, Vampire!" -Sagaan

Players can travel through the portal to Tokyo and find and protect Sagaan's missing friend. This Event started on the November 2nd 2010 and runs for 24 days. Unlike other portals, no key is required to access Tokyo.

Yen Coin

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Sagaan has sent you to Tokyo in order to find clues about Nukekubi's disappearance in Chapter 1: Enter Tokyo! Completing this chapter earns the ability Force Seppuku.

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Find a way to hack the computers to get into Nukekubi's office in Chapter 2!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Shinobi Stealth.

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Search the office and battle Kyoko's henchman in Chapter 3!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Katana Proficiency.

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Follow the trail through the Tokyo underground in Chapter 4!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Control Yakuza.

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After surviving the Yakuza, travel to the safety of Osaka in Chapter 5!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Summon Seven Samurai.

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Fight against Kyoko and her geisha friends to save Nukekubi in Chapter 6!
Completing this chapter earns the ability Bushido.

Mastery of all chapters earns the ability Zen.

Missions Stats

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