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The Tribute Sale was a 24-hour Sale that took place on Saturday June 23rd 2012. The majority of the sale revolved around Abilities sold for Favor Points.

Lightning Sale

Red Friday Lightning.png

Every 3 hours one new Elder Ability would be on sale for 25 Favor Points or 15 Favor Points.
After 180 minutes a new Ability would appear, replacing the last one. Another section of the page gave hints on the next ability such as Ability Type, Attack, and Defense, and were available in the Base Game.

Unknown Ability
Time Ability
Day 1: 3am - 6am The Killing Joke
Day 1: 6am - 9am Burst of Anarchy
Day 1: 9am - 12pm Energy Rip
Day 1: 12pm - 3pm Cloak of Stone
Day 1: 3pm - 6pm Demon's Bane
Day 1: 6pm - 9pm The Killing Joke
Day 1: 9pm - 12am Black Cat Claws
Day 1: 12am - 3am Gargoyle Flight
Day 1: 3am - 5:30am Demon's Bane
Day 1: 5:30am - 8am Command Bats

Retired Familiars

Three retired sets of Familiars were made available again during the sale, giving players a second chance to get ones they might've missed the first time. Each set was available for 150 Favor Points.

Time Familiar Set
Day 1: 3am - 11am Swarms set
Day 1: 3pm - 9pm Clowns set
Day 1: 3am - 8am Gargoyles set


‎23 years ago on this very day, a legend made history with countless fans and the flame is still burning strong. Let’s come together to celebrate this day which set a benchmark for ‘bat-creatures’. Any guesses??

If you got it right, pay your tribute to that legend by grabbing some amazing familiars at mouth watering prices and continue the legacy.

Tribute to the other bat-creature of equal infamy. Check Red Friday!

Mythology and Etymology

Twenty-three years ago, Tim Burton released the live-action film 'Batman'. Spawning 3 sequels. In 2005, Christopher Nolan released his take on the superhero with 'Batman Begins' which spawned 2 sequels.

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