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Twilight's Grace is one of the blessings that Mandy can cast on you at the Blood Magic wheel. It, like all other Blood Magic Spells, has varying levels of strength and effect. This is one of the most useful blessings that can be obtained for levelling, as unlike most Blood Magic it doesn't last for four hours but like Beastly Vigor it is an instant effect, for example your maximum energy is 500, if you have used it all up it will be 0/500 and with a decent sized clan you would be most likely to see the highest level be spun up pushing you instantly to 1000 energy. With 1000 energy you can do Exterminate A Rival Clan 25 times, since you would probably also have top level Glyph of Wisdom permanently on from a high clan number this would provide 3500 experience within a minute or two. The best thing about it though is it can be as useful as you wish it to be, with a high clan number at a peak time of day it is entirely possible to have 30 people in your clan spin this up to benefit you. Bonus energy is limited to twice your maximum energy and any excess is wasted.

Weakest Effects:

  • +50% bonus energy
  • Cast on you and 10 other clan members.

Medium Effects:

  • +100% bonus energy
  • Cast on you and 50 other clan members.

Strongest Effects:

  • +200% bonus energy
  • Cast on you and 500 other clan members.

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