Vampire Wars Wiki

Hello Vampire Wars fans and readers! I hate to break the news, but I have to stop editing this Wiki and providing you with all the information you crave. Why? A couple of reasons:

1: I've been editing non-stop since April 2010 and it's time consuming. I feel I should be spending my time elsewhere.

2: I'm preparing to go back to school in September, and there is a lot of preparation needed.

3: Something has gone terribly wrong when you spend more time editing articles than actually playing the game.

4: Work work work. Between my Volunteer work and summer job I don't have that much free time any more.

5: Zynga is just creating stuff too fast. I know that's their modus operandi but it's felt very forced lately.

I'm not quitting Vampire Wars, I'm still a daily player and I like the game. But I've stopped enjoying the Wiki-aspect of it.

There are over 1200 Likes on Facebook, surely there are other people who would like to submit articles. If you have the time it's really easy. Most articles are copied and pasted, and images are easy enough to upload. If you get confused, need help, can't find a template, or would like the tutorial I wrote about snooping Vampire Wars you can email me on Facebook or on my Talk page.

If you want day-to-date Vampire Wars updates, I strongly recommend the very excellent blog of Tomáš:
Vampire Blog

I also have to thank the main contributors for helping me out:
XMissxNocturneX, Bryan Landry, Djtoko (aka Tomáš), Robert Williamson, and Patrick Dos Santos.

I am no longer working on this Wiki. I probably will still keep uploading Avatar, Artisan Item, and Familiar images because I enjoy making those and it only takes a few minutes. Otherwise: I'm retired.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.