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The [[Walk like an Egyptian (event) | Walk like an Egyptian] event required the Mission Items Scarab Beetle, Pyramid, and Sarcophagus. You have 15 days to complete the set and earn the Epic Ability. The event began on June 15th 2011 and ran until June 25th(?) 2011.

Back Story

The tortured souls of ancient Egypt lie mummified and rotting beneath the desert sands . Defile their unholy graves and harness their immense power.

Mission Items

You must collect 30 of each item to complete the ability set.

See: Scarab Beetle, Pyramid, Sarcophagus


Each ability has 3 levels of mastery. Mastery of all abilities earns the ability Walk like an Egyptian.

See: Flesh Eating Fury, Mummify, Bury Alive


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