ID: 163
Type: Mission Item

Wolfsbane is a Mission Item needed to complete Fight a Pack of Werewolves, Battle a Werewolf Lord, and is consumed on use. It can be found in the Base Game.

Wolfsbane can be found in Random Drops in the Mission(s) Fight Ghouls in the Deep Woods, sent through the Free Gifts page, Requested from Friends, bought with Favor Points, and is found on Facebook. This Item is always available.

Mythology and Etymology

Aconitum or Wolfsbane has been ascribed with supernatural powers in the mythology relating to werewolves and vampires. It was often used to deter, poison or even kill werewolves, and to a lesser extent vampires. In other folklore, aconite was said to transform a person into a werewolf if it is worn, smelled, or eaten.

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