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The Wolves Familiar set was only available for a limited time on August 27th 2010. They could be bought on the Avatar Shop page with Favor Points.

Wolves set

ID Piece Energy Cost
297 White Wolf +25 Icon Energy 40 Icn Favor Point
298 Red Wolf +40 Icon Energy 60 Icn Favor Point
299 Black Wolf +55 Icon Energy 80 Icn Favor Point
Total +120 Icon Energy 180 Icn Favor Point

Mythology and Etymology

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Background Information

The Wolves set was released before the Scorpions set, although the ids for the Scorpion set are listed first chronologically.

The White Wolf familiar may be a reference to a game publisher of the same name, known for creating a popular series of Vampire RPGs set in the World of Darkness universe.

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